Australian Size 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Bust (cm) 79 84 89 94 99 104 109
Waist (cm) 65 67 73 78 80 85 90
Hips (cm) 87 92 98 102 108 114 116


Please note additional sizing notes for individual styles below.

We would love to help you with size selection, so please feel free to email us at and we will assist you.

Lancaster Pencil dress - This dress is constructed in a medium weight stretch and can be worn just tailored to the body, or a size down for a more snug, body hugging look. 

Globemaster Pencil Skirt - The waistband of this skirt is designed to fit firmly, in order to 'nip in' the waist. It is a very traditional fit, and when dressing, the wearer should pull the skirt down over the head, rather than climb into it. Pulling up over the hips may present a challenge. Please view all colour options to see them modelled by ladies with various body shapes.

Catalina Skirt and Impala Skirt  - The waist is the only measurement to take into account when selecting a size, as the hip measurement is open.

Liberator Capris - These capri pants are high waisted and are a very 1960's style cut. This means that they appear to be very snug when climbing into them, but once up over the hips, the result is a nicely fitted waist. Those with issues with trousers sitting away from the lower back will find these a good fit.  

de Havilland Trousers - These come in 'in between' sizes, so if you find yourself between sizes, please select the corresponding 'odd size'. For instance, a size 13 will be exactly halfway between a 12 and 14. 

Constellation Blouse - This faux wrap top is very adaptable to different bust sizes. Please view all colour options to see them modelled by ladies with various body shapes. The viscose jersey can stretch quite a lot and easily fit a DD bust.